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  • School Marquee- the current marquee has not been functional for quite
    sometime.  The planned marquee will replace the current one located at the corner
    of Babcock St and Bulldog Blvd.  The school has raised much of the money needed
    but is still a bit short of the funding required.  If you wish to help fund this project,
    please contact the school at (321) 952-5880.
School Special Projects
The '64 to '73 Reunion Committee recently donated $1250 to MEL-HI to help with funding of
their planned Marquee replacement.  Pictured l-r: Fred Keeney, Jerrie Hixon, James C. Kirk,
Sharon Buford, Gloria Herring, Alice Deaton, Dale Knapp and Beth Glover (Click on thumbnail
to enlarge picture)
The 1965 Reunion committee donated funds from their 50th Reunion event to
help MEL-HI with school special projects.  Pictured from l-r: Christy Birdsall, Fred
Keeney, BeeGee Wolff, and Jim Kirk.
  • Band Uniforms - The Mel-Hi Band Parents Association is working to get new band
    uniforms for students.  There is a significant need to replace the old, worn out ones.
       Letter to Alumni/Parents        
       Mel-hi Band Parents Association Web site  (with donate button)
The Class of '65 Reunion Committee recently approved a $500 donation to help with band uniforms.  
They are challenging other classes to meet or exceed this donation.  Anyone wishing to donate on
behalf of their class can do so by either sending a check to the address noted in the Letter to
Alumni/Parents or by donating through the Band Parents website (above).  When donating either
way, please make sure you note your class year.